Equine Internal Medicine consulting offers a full service general and specialty equine practice.

Vaccines, Coggins and health certificates: It is very important to maintain the health of your horse to vaccinate for preventable and life threatening diseases such as Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, West Nile Virus, Rabies, Equine Herpes virus 1,4 (Rhino), Equine influenza (flu) and Strangles.

There are other diseases for which vaccines are available, but theses diseases are not prevalent in our area.

Every horse should have a yearly Coggins test performed to make sure they do not have Equine Infectious Anemia. This is a federal requirement.

In order to travel out of state a current Coggins test and a health certificate must be issued.

Pre-purchase exams: It is advisable to have a thorough evaluation of a horse performed before buying it to detect any problems it may have.

Castrations: Castrations are performed at the farm under general anesthesia, a catheter is placed to have IV access at all times and anesthesia maintained with triple drip to prevent any undesirable complications.

Endoscopy: The 1.5 mt scope can be used for the evaluation of the horses mouth and upper airway, it helps in the diagnosis of roarers, soft palate displacements, epiglotic entrapments, fungal masses, ethmoid hematomas, guttural pouch disease and any other condition that requires visualization of the airway.

The 3.5mt scope can be utilized to visualize the stomach (Gastroscopy) this will help evaluate, diagnose and manage gastric ulcer disease, it can also help evaluate the bladder and lower airway (lungs) of the horse.

Ultrasonography is a vital tool in the documentation of pregnancy in the mare, as well as follow up on fetal and placental well being, it is also critical for the evaluation of the lungs in cases suspicious of shipping fever and pneumonia, to evaluate the heart in cases where a murmur is detected, to evaluate the abdomen in cases of complicated colics, to evaluate tendons and ligaments when there is swelling and lameness and many more.

X-rays/ Radiographs are necessary for the evaluation and diagnosis of laminitis and founder, navicular disease, arthritis of any joint, kissing spine,and many other common conditions.

Emergency service for colics, lacerations or any other critical condition

Neonatal intensive care: Dr. Carrillo has extensive specialty training in neonatology and provides foal wellness evaluations and sick foal treatment.

Endocrinology: Through specialized diagnostic tests we offer evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions such as equine metabolic syndrome, Pars intermedia dysfunction (equine cushings), Polysaccharide storage myopathy and hypothyroidism.

Sports Medicine and minor surgical procedures: Through affiliation with Dr. Weston Davis a board certified surgeon and sport medicine specialist we offer advanced specialty diagnostics, procedures and treatment of lameness of the equine patient. Dr Davis also performs minor surgical procedures in the field such as mass removal. For more involved surgical procedures or where hospitalization is required Dr. Davis can provide service at Palm Beach Equine Hospital in Wellington.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (954) 224-5543.